Simiskina+Xavier Quérel

Simiskina + Xavier Quérel

Adrian Myhr - electric bass and effects

Jonas Cambien - analog synthesizers

Xavier Quérel - 16mm film projector and light

Simiskina is an improvising duo consisting of bass player Adrian Myhr and pianist Jonas Cambien. The duo released an eponymous album on the Portuguese label Clean Feed in 2018 to critical acclaim. The album was featured in the New York City Jazz Record, and the Norwegian Jazz Magazine Jazznytt called it 'some of the best you can find in Norwegian improvised and free music'.

Whereas their only release up to date is entirely acoustic with prepared piano and double bass, Simsikina is now mostly working with analog synthesizers and electric bass. For their live performances they team up with the french film maker and visual artist Xavier Quérel, known from the audiovisual noise-collective Metamkine. Xavier is included within Simiskina as a sort of third musician, working with images instead of sound. Standing on stage between the musicians, with a 16mm film projector facing the audience, Xavier improvises a film that is projected on a small screen, in an intimatedialogue with Simiskina's music.

Simiskina+Xavier Quérel have previously toured in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Norway, Austria, Slovenia and Czech republic, and have performed at venues such as Ausland in Berlin, PiedNu festival in Le Havre, and Blow Out! in Oslo. Simiskina is currently working on its second album, this time electric, scheduled to release in 2023.

Previous concerts:

16/10/2016 Vår Frue Kirke, Trondheim (NO)
24/10/2016 AVAntyry, Brno (CZ)
25/10/2016 Villa Primavesi, Olomouc (CZ)
26/10/2016 Grif, Prague (CZ)
27/10/2016 Klangbüro, München (DE)
18/1/2017 Jazzaj, Budapest (HU)
19/1/2017 Interpenetration, Graz (A)
22/1/2017 Maison de Norvège, Paris (FR)
16/3/2017 Bidrobon, Oslo (NO)
15/2/ 2018 Maison de Norvège, Paris
16/2/2018 Atelier Tampon, Paris (FR)
18/2/2018 OFFoff, In de Ruimte, Gent (BE)
4/3/2018 Klang Haus, Untergreiht (A)
5/3/2018 Confine Aperto, Ljubljana (SI)
7/3/2018 Setzkasten, Wien (A)
8/3/2018 Unijazz, Prague (CZ)
9/3/2018 Ausland, Berlin (DE)
16/10/2018 Light Cone, Paris (FR)
17/10/2018 Les Voûtes, Paris (FR)
18/10/2018 Fragment, Metz (FR)
20/11/2018 Blow Out!, Oslo (NO)
21/3/2019 PiedNu Festival, Le Havre (FR)
22/3/2019 Koffie&Ambacht, Rotterdam (NL)